Animus is an imagination-kindling realm of wonder

Ninjas in the snow

As I stepped out of my home this morning, I was filled with wonder–just like Daigoro, from the final (1974) installment in the legendary samurai series, Lone Wolf and Cub: … Continue reading

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Meteors, zombies and robots. Oh, yawn!

So this is what the prelude to the end of the world looks like? Really, SSDD? Ha! 😀 Well, truth be told I am not in the least astounded. I … Continue reading

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Repetition vs. Intuition

Lo! How the ‘mighty’ have fallen!There once was a time, in the dim, distant past, when full of youthful exuberance and unmarred by cynicism born of adulthood, I was a … Continue reading

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The Quintessence of Talent (Pt 2 of 3)

Rhyme & reason As I explained at length in the previous post, the “Writers write” maxim these days should be revised to: writers try to write amidst the maelstrom of … Continue reading

August 4, 2012 · 1 Comment

The Quintessence of Talent (Pt 1 of 3)

Writers write. Or do they? Does a tree falling in a forest make a sound if there is no one there to hear it? Does it in fact fall, if … Continue reading

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Morgen Bailey’s blog just published one of my cat poems, entitled Love Lure. Hope you take a moment from your busy day to relax and enjoy it here:

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The 8 limbs of writing: Idiot savants vs Jacks of all trades (part 1)

Many writers will tell you that their output has not suffered as a result of the countless hours spent dawdling around on social media. Many say that they have built … Continue reading

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New look

Today I revamped this blog page courtesy of some brilliant tips kindly provided by Morgen Bailey of and, my guru in all things social media. So here is … Continue reading

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On writing, running and martial arts

As a kid, it would have been a gross understatement to say that I disliked long-distance running. I excelled at the 100/200m dash, but couldn’t be bothered with anything north … Continue reading

June 13, 2012 · 1 Comment

Dog vs. Cat

Fortunately for both species, they may now escape to Animus and live free. Here dogs’ spirits are not enslaved and humans are as mythical as dragons! Did you know that … Continue reading

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