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Hollywood & Vine Magazine Appearance

Following through from March 24th post:

On March 22nd, during the maelstrom of vexed emails (evoked by Writers House Literary Agency’s incompetence), unbeknownst to the antagonists and comrades, there was an ‘angel’ observing the proceedings from the sidelines. Angela H., founder of Breaking Into Hollywood and Editor-in-chief of the Hollywood & Vine magazine was intrigued and entertained by the chaos wrought by a sloppy intern of a ‘major’ NY agency. She stood up for the rights of the affronted writers, deeming our story worth telling and graciously offered each of us a chance to shine in her chic magazine ( We were asked to describe our stories, say a few words about ourselves and explain how we deal with rejections on a personal level. Fortunately, my entry was one of those picked for print:

The works I presented were: THE PENSIVE PRINCE – the essence of happiness ; GRUMPY PUPPY – a tale of puppy love ; JINX THE CAT – a hero’s measure.
My ‘rejection philosophy’: Frankly, I am glad when a body you are about to invest huge amounts of time and trust in shows its true colours early on – a stitch in time… I take the view that agencies are entitled to cherry-pick whom to work with, provided they are ethical about it. After all, I certainly am not seeking half-hearted representation. Ergo:

Ave, Rejected 238!
As a wily, beamish pachyderm,
Rejections per se aren’t my concern.
For every artist – rich or poor,
Has suffered criticism galore!

Agents indeed are busy people,
I do not blame them for this fact.
But they make themselves seem low and simple,
When they scuff at talent without tact.

We sowed 238 finely-tuned queries,
As but a prelude to our true task.
We would not have considered this form-rejection silly,
If respect was mutual – or is that too much to ask?

We will keep on writing and we WILL grow,
But certain gauche ‘agents’ we are well pleased not to ever know!


As of May 26th 2012, the Writers House Literary Agency has not even had the decency to issue an apology for their ludicrous incompetence. Just as well, who needs it?


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