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Meteors, zombies and robots. Oh, yawn!

So this is what the prelude to the end of the world looks like? Really, SSDD? Ha! 😀 Well, truth be told I am not in the least astounded. I gave it some thought, when I had to tackle the subject in one of my stories and a rogue meteor or a zombie apocalypse is a tad of a theatrical cliché, is it not? If it must come, we would want it to be something big, loud and significant. So it would seem like it all meant something to someone. On the other hand, who knows, maybe tomorrow is simply the day when the end of the world begins (much like today and yesterday)…  Everyday is “the end of the world as we know it”!

Perhaps tomorrow was singled out because the asteroid that will collide with our Emerald Planet will be gently nudged off course by a passing comet tomorrow, a hundred light years away. Or perhaps the first malevolent terminator-matrixy trapper keeper hybrid will roll off the assembly line. Or the mutant monkey-zombie triplets destined to infect everyone on the planet with their rabid madness will be born.  Aww, did I omit fun with aliens? Well, you make something up then. Get wild and creative, get it out of your system, but do yourself a “flava” and don’t dwell on it.

Perhaps it is all of the above and we will witness a final race to see what gets us first or perhaps none of the above and something far more elaborate than what we can imagine will happen. Or perhaps it will just peacefully peter out and go dark and quiet, like at the end of a really good (or bad) movie. Perhaps our reality is all just an amusing (though not to us, obviously) dream. You have a choice: worry or live. Que Sera, Sera…

I choose life “and I feel fine”! Happy Holidays everyone!Image


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