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Ninjas in the snow


As I stepped out of my home this morning, I was filled with wonder–just like Daigoro, from the final (1974) installment in the legendary samurai series, Lone Wolf and Cub: White Heaven in Hell. As though beneath every snow-clocked silhouette lay not a mere branch, shrub or rock, but a ninja assassin or sinister monster, waiting in ambush to pounce at unsuspecting travellers.

Hard to believe that just the day-before-yesterday most streets were dry, green grass was optimistically peeking through in the fields and the earthy scent of spring hung in the air. As a higher-evolved life form, I was not quite as fooled by the sun’s warm smile as the grass was. I knew what inevitably lay ahead, however, the sheer viciousness with which the weather turned its cold shoulder to us, has left even a seasoned cynic like myself reeling and aghast. Though in prelude to the short-lived end-of-year thaw we had been hit by frigid winds, as temperatures tumbled down to minus 5 since early November, Nature again had her say. Needlessly reiterating the obvious—that there is always, alwawonder1ys room for deterioration of any survivable situation. It’s minus 12 out now and the ‘weather ferries’ foretell that the temperature will continue to plummet, spiraling down to minus 33 degrees Celcius by the month’s end. That’s still quite ‘temperate’ in contrast with parts of Russia, where schools stand empty and communities are devastated by temperatures settling in the mid-fifties below.

Nonetheless, in ungodly temperatures such as these, even the best-trained snow ninja might feel a bit off his game. Nodding in and out of fitful hibernation. I too shall make a strategic withdrawal from the outside world, armed with a cup‘a hot wine and a good book or movie, snuggled up close by the fireplace. Apologies to zealous ice monsters and damsels who are silly enough to choose this ill-fated time to go out in search of distress—this cavalier’s strategizing for his next assault by the campfire, so you lot can picture a chunky “Do Not Disturb!” sign when you think of bothering me.



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