Animus is an imagination-kindling realm of wonder

About Writer/Editor Ken O. Temple

Born behind the ‘Iron Curtain’ USSR and having lived in both Africa and Western Europe, I have observed and learned from a rich bouquet of unique cultures. Like so many people in my trade, I began composing poems and short stories as a kid for purposes ranging from entertaining girlfriends to school homework to birthday wishes. Unfortunately, the (somewhat vain) desire to get into print is a relatively recent affliction.

I have worked as a business/travel wordsmith (writer and editor) for over a decade, but journalism has been a means to an end, not my true calling and passion. Fact-recounting, however droll, is an unworthy substitute for the high adventure of creative writing. Ever since I created Animus, I have longed to return, time and again, to populate and perfect the world–like an omnipotent god. I enjoy writing about heroic exploits of chivalrous personages, but also have many stories about comical, as well as melodramatic characters. Apart from stories, I have enjoyed writing a number of short, funny poems on everyday subjects such as school, parents, pets and other aspects of being a kid; I am also no stranger to writing lyrics for songs.

Please contact: writerkentemple[a t )gmail/dot/com for detailed information and possible collaboration.


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